Building Capacity through Creative Knowledge Exchange and Policy Interventions

Work Package 5

Work Package Leader: Rodney Harrison, UCL

PITCH Part B Mar14

Cultural policy has tended to be developed separately from the needs of environmental action. Rather than take cultural policy as its starting point and explore how it might be applied using a top-down approach, PITCH aims to evaluate and draw lessons from the museum, heritage site and landscape interventions (WPs 2-4) and the critical histories of the development of heritage and modern petrocultures (WP1) to develop general principles which will allow us to work with museums, heritage sites and policy makers to strengthen their contributions to sustainable development, accelerate the transformation to low-carbon futures, and contribute to European environmental literacy.

Through a series of workshops for participating museums and their staff, and the development of an open-access toolkit, high-level green agendas and principles will be made directly tangible, relevant and used practically in museums and other cultural institutions.